Automatic Marshall Impact Compactor Astm

B1120A - Automatic Marshall Impact Compactor ASTM Std for 4" dia. specimens, 220-240 V 50/60 Hz
B1120A/110 - Automatic Marshall Impact Compactor ASTM Std for 4" dia. specimens, 110 V 60 Hz
B1125 - Soundproof Safety Cabinet for Marshall Compactors
B1126 - Marshall Mould, Diameter:102 mm and Height 50 mm
B1127 - Marshall Mould, Diameter:154 mm and Height 50 mm

ASTM D1559 | AASHTO T245 | ASTM D6926
The Astm Standard Automatic Marshall Compactor is automatically compacts the sample and stops after the preset number of blows. The mould is held in position by a quick and practical clamping device. The 4536 ± 9 g sliding hammer falls at the 457 ± 3 mm distance for every blow. Automatic control complete protection for operator safety to CE prescriptions.
Digital console incorporating the emergency stop button to CE prescriptions. System stops automatically for safety when opened compactor cover.
The unit incorporates a compaction pedestal, comprising a laminate block secured to by a 300 mm square x 25 mm thick steel plate. The compactor can be factory installed inside the soundproof and CE security cabinet.

Hammer Weight

4536 ± 9 g

Free Fall Height

457 ± 3 mm

Tamping Face Diameter

98,5 mm

Laminated Block Dimensions

200x200x450 mm

Blows Frequency

55 ± 5


400x450x1870 mm

Weight (approx)

140 kg


370 W


  • Collecting tray