Vicat test apparatus

C3455 - Vicat Test Set (EN Standard)
C3460 - Vicat Test Set (ASTM Standard)
C3461 - Vicat Frame
C3462 - Vicat Mould (EN Standard), Base: 80 mm, Top: 70 mm, Height: 40 mm
C3463 - Vicat Mould (ASTM Standard), Base: 70 mm, Top: 60 mm, Height: 40 mm
C3464 - Initial Vicat Needle (EN Standard), Diameter: 1.13 mm
C3465 - Vicat Needle (ASTM Standard), Diameter: 1 mm
C3466 - Final Vicat Needle (EN Standard), Diameter: 1.13 mm
C3467 - Consistency Plunger, Diameter: 10 mm
C3468 - Supporting Glass Plate
C3469 - Additiniol Weight, 700 gr, EN 480-2

ASTM C187, C191 | AASHTO T131 | EN 196-3:2005 | EN 408-2
The Vicat Test Apparatus is used to determine the amount of water required to produce a cement paste of standard consistency and the setting time. The frame is supplied complete with a 300 g consistency plunger (dia. 10 mm). The measurement of the movement is given by an indicator which moves along a scale graduated in millimetres. The apparatus is supplied complete with glass plate , ASTM or EN Standard Needle and mould.
The Vicat Test Apparatus is supplied complete with;
• Vicat Mould
• Initial and final Needles (for EN )
• Vicat Needle (for ASTM)
• Consistency Plunger
• Supporting Plate
• Glass Thermometer 110°C
• Transfer Dish (for EN)


260x250x450 mm

Weight (approx)

4 kg


  • Collecting tray